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Hector Egger Cromwell

Industrial Development, Central Otago

Hector Egger, is an international company based out of Switzerland specialising in the prefabrication of timber construction elements for new buildings.

Hector Egger engaged SPG to prepare and oversee the resource consent process for their new premises to be based within the Industrial precinct of Cromwell. The proposal involved establishing a 12-metre high, architecturally designed warehouse to accommodate the specialised equipment utilised by Hector Egger in the prefabrication of the respective building elements.

To accommodate their needs, Hector Egger required a building which exceeded the prescribed height limits by up to 2 metres. While initially identified by Council as requiring notification to the neighbouring properties, which would have included cost and timing implications, SPG were able to successfully compile the necessary information and work with Council staff in getting the application processed on a non-notified basis and in a timely manner.

Through working collaboratively with the client, the project team and the Council, SPG’s standard practice of producing a comprehensive application provided certainty, cost and time savings to the client in terms of the overall resource consent process so they can get on and do what they do best.

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