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Skyline Gondola Redevelopment

The Skyline Enterprises Limited Gondola, Restaurant and Luge facilities located on Bob’s Peak and overlooking the Queenstown Town Centre is one of the key jewels in Queenstown’s tourism crown.

In the 2016 year Skyline hosted 787,000 visitors and projections are that this will reach 1.14 million in 2025 and 1.51 million by 2030. Further, 53% of all visitors to Queenstown undertake a visit to the Skyline Enterprises Limited facilities on Bob’s Peak.

With a substantial increase in visitor numbers expected Skyline Enterprises Limited embarked on a significant re-development proposal in 2016 to replace the existing 4 seat gondola with new 10 seat gondola. In addition, an entirely new lower terminal building was proposed along with the complete refurbishment and substantial expansion of the existing restaurant building on Bob’s Peak.

Due to the significant financial costs of the development likely to exceed $100m the resource consent proposal progressed by direct referral to the Environment Court. Following the issue of an interim decision by the Environment Court Skyline Enterprises Limited sought to obtain additional consents for storm water discharge and the provision of a minimum of 350 car parks for their staff and visitors.

The necessary storm water consents were duly obtained from the Otago Regional Council and a second resource consent application was subsequently made for a multi-level car park building containing 448 car parks immediately behind the lower terminal.

Due to the scale of the car park building proposal and its interconnected relationship with the original redevelopment proposal, this application also progressed by direct referral to the Environment Court.

A final decision approving the major re-development of the gondola, lower terminal and restaurant buildings and construction of the multi-level car park building was issued by the Environment Court in February 2019.

SPG played a significant role in this exciting project by preparing and overseeing the necessary applications for statutory approvals under the Reserves Act 1977 for Leases and Easements over the land affected by the development and obtaining the necessary Otago Regional Council consents for storm water discharge.

Further, SPG prepared and oversaw the processing of the two main resource consents for the initial re-development and the car park building proposals including appearing as an expert planning witness in both the Environment Court direct referral proceedings.

Working collaboratively with the project managers at Skyline Enterprises Limited and Peak Projects Limited, as well as the various specialist resource management solicitors, engineering, landscape and design consultants, SPG has ensured that all statutory approvals necessary to give effect to this major re-development proposal have been obtained in a timely and cost effective manner.

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