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Tree Space

Mt Dewar, Queenstown

The Treespace project is a unique development which involves large scale native reforestation and ecological restoration of Mt Dewar – a prominent geographical feature within the Outstanding Natural Landscape category in Queenstown. The overarching goal of the project is to restore the natural balance of the landscape. It is New Zealand’s largest ever commercially funded native reforestation project which will see:

  • 99% of the mountain restored and returned to nature.
  • 400 hectares of restored native beech forest through the planting of 150,000 trees.
  • More than 50km of publicly accessible hiking and biking trails.
  • An increase in insect, lizard and bird habitat.
  • Control of wilding conifers.
  • Pest control linked with other initiatives on surrounding land.
  • Carbon sequestration to combat the effects of climate change over time.

To fund the reforestation and restoration, SPG played a significant role in this exciting project by assisting in the development strategy, and undertaking the preparation and overseeing the processing of a publicly notified resource consent for a subdivision which has created 37 cabin sites, 11 chalet sites and one mountain lodge site.

These sites are all to be nestled sensitively amongst the beech forest within the Outstanding Natural Landscape of Mt Dewar.

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